oxygenated water 

At the Helm of Liquid Prana is Dr. H. Thomas Cotter. Dr. Cotter is the recipient of many awards and is world renowned for his pioneering work in the realm of homeopathic treatment and eradication of many devastating global ailments, having over 30 years of experience and dedicating much of his efforts to research.

Dr. Cotter partnered with an anonymous chemist/inventor to discover perhaps the most significant breakthrough in Medical History…Liquid Prana. He and Dr. Cotter have a partnership and Dr. Cotter owns the worldwide marketing rights for the technology.Liquid Prana is the first and only water of its kind. After enrichment with a proprietary technology, the water is super-oxygenated. When consumed, this water replenishes the body by enriching the cells with oxygen. This allows the cells to repair themselves, thus making their host healthier and more energized.

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